Transferring to Our Hospital

Transferring to Our Hospital

If you have determined that a rehabilitation hospital is right for your recovery, you or your physician should contact our admissions office. A representative from our hospital will come to you to perform a pre-admission screening within 24 hours and can coordinate your transfer to our hospital.

The typical referral process:

  • A request is made for a patient to be evaluated by one of our rehabilitation liaisons.
  • The liaison conducts a screening to determine if the patient meets criteria for admission to an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital. The screening includes a chart review, a discussion with healthcare personnel and a meeting with the patient and their family to address pertinent information, concerns and questions.
  • The next available appropriate bed is offered to the patient. Often this process occurs within hours.

Patient admissions

When possible, we ask that patients be admitted between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. This allows patients to become oriented to their new surroundings and meet the staff.

What to bring on admission day

  • Please have a family member accompany the patient when admitted. If the family is unable to accompany the patient please contact the admissions office 814 878-1288 or 814 878-1343 to make other arrangements.
  • Medicare Card
  • Other Insurance Cards
  • Patient’s Drivers License
  • Medical records for the admissions office to copy (if needed)
  • Emergicare (or any other ambulance service) membership card
  • Copy of Living Will, Power of Attorney or Advance Directive (if applicable)
  • Co-payment as appropriate

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Ray Cope

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